Detailed Information
Name KHAN Md. Tawhidul Islam
Department Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Advanced Technology Fusion Advanced Technology Fusion
Job Title Associate Professor Degree Obtained PhD (Engineering)(2003/09)
Research Field/Keywords for 
Research Field
Noise Reduction, AE Diagnostics, NDT, Bio-medical Motion sensing, Moire Topography
Education 1991/10, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduated
2003/09, Saga University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Doctor Course, Completed
Employment Experience Saga University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Associate Professor , 2007/10 - 2010/03
Saga University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering Advanced Technology Fusion, Associate Professor, 2010/04 - *
Field of specialization Intelligent mechanics/mechanical system
Membership in 
Academic Societies
International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV), Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB)
Themes for Ongoing Research AE, NDT, Biomedical Engineering Sensing, Acoustic Measurement, Motion Sensing
Research Themes in the Past
Research Topics and Results
  1. EMG Signals for Co-Activations of Major Lower Limb Muscles in Knee Joint Dynamics 2015
  2. Monitoring the Fatigue Damage in Ductile Cast Iron by AE Technology 2015
  3. EMG Signals in Co-Activations of Lower Limb Muscles for Knee Joint Analysis 2015
  4. A Simple Imaging Technique for Attributing the Dynamic Motion of Knee Joint 2015
  5. Considerations about early detection of crack propagation in steel by AE signal processing 2015
  6. Challenges of AE two dimensional algorithm in defect source identification of structural materials 2015
  7. Acoustic Emission Technique-an influential NDT tool in Damage Clarification and Source Location 2015
  8.  2015
  9. Committee Member and Session Chair, International Conference 2015
  10. Effect of Mean Stress on Fatigue Strength of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron 2013
  11. Precise Measurement of Moving Object by Moir�-based Image Processing Technique 2012
  12. Characteristics of CFRP Hydrogen Storage Vessel on Rising Temperature in the Filling Process 2012
  13. Characteristics of condensing flows in shear layer of axisymmetric supersonic jets 2012
  14. Effects of Supersonic Nozzle Geometry on Characteristics of Shock Wave Structure 2012
  15. Fraunhofer Diffraction Principle for Gradient Measurement of Acoustic Wavefronts 2009
  16. Gradient Vector Measurement of Sound Pressure Field with Fraunhofer Diffraction Principle 2009
  17. Optimization of Hydrogen Gas Filling into the Actual Tank at High Pressure Based on Thermal Characteristics of the System 2009
  18. Measurement of Density Gradient in Flame by Shack-Hartmann Optical System 2009
  19. Hydrogen Gas Filling into an Actual Tank at High Pressure and Optimization of its Thermal Characteristics 2009
  20. Multibody Dynamics - Computational Methods and Applications 2009
  21. Hydrogen Vehicles, Fuelling and Safety 2009
  22. Jet Screech Reduction with Perforated Flat Reflector 2008
  23. Real-time acoustic blind signal separation based on spatio temporal gradient analysis 2008
  24. The Evaluation of Signal-to-Interference Ratio (SIR) to Improve the Performance of the Acoustic Blind Signal Separation 2008
  25. Opto-Acoustic Microphone System Based on Fraunhofer Diffraction Principle 2008
  26. Defects Detection for Thin Plate via A0-Mode Lamb-Waves Eigenvalue Imaging Method 2008
  27.  2007
  28. Mechanism of Screech Tone Reduction with a Spherical Reflector 2007
  29. Investigation and Application of a Forward Slanted Perforated Tube as Muffler 2007
  30. Diagnostics of Aero-acoustic Performance of Forward Slanted Perforated Tube 2007
  31. Diagnostics of Aero-acoustic Performance of Forward Slanted Perforated Tube 2007
  32. The Reduction of Jet Noise with Spherical Reflector and Evaluation of its Performance Compared to a Flat Reflector 2006
  33. Aeroacoustic Perforance of Tubes with Forward Slanted Perforation 2006
  34. Multi-layered Spatio-Temporal Gradient Analysis for Acoustic Blind Source Separation 2006
  35. Acoustic Source Separation via Particle Vector Measurement 2006
  36. Active Noise Control-Like Performance of a Spherical Reflector 2006
  37. Improvement of a Forward Slanted Perforated Tube as Muffler 2006
  38. Systemetic Study of the Performance of Forward Slanted Perforated Tubes 2006
  39. Study of Aero-Acoustic Performance of Forward Slanted Perforated Tube 2006
  40. Performance Evaluation of Spherical Reflector in Supersonic Jet Noise 2006
  41. Acoustic Blind Source Separation Based on the Particle Velocity Vector Measurement 2006
  42. Estimation Method about Amount of Fat on Tuna Using Ultrasonic Sensor 2006
  43. Spatio-Temporal Gradient Algorithm for Separating Sources of Blind Acoustic Signals 2006
  44. Study on jet noise suppressors by using acoustic reflectors 2006
  45.  2006
  46.  2006
  47. Measurement of Supersonic Jet Noise with Optical Wave Microphone System 2005
  48. The Effect of Size of Spherical Reflector on Jet Noise Reduction 2005
  49. Effect of Spherical Reflector on Suppressing High-Speed Aerodynamic Noise 2005
  50. Evaluation of Aero-acoustic Performance of a Tube with Forward Slanted Perforations in Suppressing the Noise from a Supersonic Jet 2005
  51. Aeroacoustic Modification of A Perforated Tube With The Perforation Patterns 2005
  52. A Comparison of Jet Noise Reduction With a Spherical Reflector and a Parabolic Reflector 2005
  53. Control of Supersonic Jet Noise with a Spherical Reflector 2004
  54. Observations of Aero-Acoustic Modifications of a Supersonic Jet by using a Spherical Reflector 2004
  55. Acoustic Diagnosis Technique for a Failure Rolling Bearing by Adaptive Signal Processing Algorithm 2004
  56. Aeroacoustic Modification of Jet Flow by a Spherical Reflector 2004
  57. A Comparison of Jet Noise Reduction with a Flat Reflector and a Spherical Reflector 2004
  58. 2nd BSME-ASME Int. Conf., Dhaka, Bangladesh 2004
  59. Control of Aero-Acoustic Characteristics of a Jet by a Spherical Reflector 2004